About Us

Punchbowl.org envisions a world where unwanted and obsolete paper and paper-products are eliminated. Many of us recycle, reduce and reuse in our everyday lives — but that’s not enough. Every year, companies produce millions of tons of paper for products that consumers no longer want or use. Consider this example: 650K tons of phone books are delivered to U.S. homes every year, and many people promptly put them in the trash or recycling. This has a detrimental impact on the environment — the most recent studies show it takes approximately 4.68 million trees and 44.2 billion liters of water to produce these phone books. And 410,000 tons of wasted paper ends up in landfills. This example is one of many wasteful practices that can be found in several different industries. Punchbowl.org was created to educate people about the harmful environmental impact of wasteful paper production, offer solutions to reduce consumption, and to provide funding to organizations that help address the problem.

Relationship with Punchbowl.com

Punchbowl.org was born out of the company and team that created the online invitations site Punchbowl.com. The company creates best-in-class digital solutions for the celebrations market and is passionate about how innovation can impact the world. This new charitable initiative enables the company to leverage the digital platform they have built to enact change that will positively help the environment.

Board of Directors